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Kim Mattuccii Chik Farm Woodworking Mike and Jennifer Brennan are the owners and operators of Chik Farm Woodworking, located on3A, Litchfield NH (old Jolt Electric home). They got the name from Mike’s Dad, who took the1 st letter in each of the grandkids’ names. They originally had some cow & chickens, so it wasChik Farm, […]

Things That Makes You Say Hmm…..: Assault Rifles

Opinion by John Caynon The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Litchfield Mirror, LCTV, LCM, the Town of Litchfield or it’s elected officials. Things that make you say hmmm…. The reason that you didn’t hear a lot about the weapon used in the killing […]

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Bunnies are Back

After hunkering down for the Winter and working hard this past Easter Weekend, the Bunnies are back. We’ve seen them more and more since this spring hopping around our yards and…

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