Shootings! Burning buildings! Police brutality and over reactions!
Stop believing that any of these things are politically motivated and stop blaming the President for causing it. First of all, these things have happened/happen no matter who the sitting President is or was. Secondly, these things are being done by mostly under educated, irresponsible and narrow minded people. Read that last sentence again, because that’s the problem.

I have opinions and thoughts, and when I see these things happen I get angry and sad and frustrated. Most people are like me too. Most of us hate seeing what’s happening out there. So I talk to people, all people. I share my thoughts and ask theirs. My wife, my kids, my golf buddies, Black people, White people, business owners, store clerks. And so far I haven’t had any fights. I have heard different thoughts, from different perspectives on all these topics and frankly the underlying message from EVERYONE is that it’s awful and needs to be fixed or changed or stopped or something different than what we are seeing so often on social and mainstream media.
But what? What do we do to fix racism? To thwart violence and destruction of property?

I don’t know, does being a pro athlete on the most visible of all stages taking a knee fix anything? Hasn’t yet. Does blaming the Dems or the Republicans change anything? Wait, how about people talking on their local Facebook page attacking others for their views which may be different than their own? Nah, that’s just more of the same. So what?! What needs to happen?
I say it’s this! It comes from each one of us. Take ownership of ourselves and our thoughts and our actions and reactions. Believe in something, educate ourselves about what we believe in with factual data and be willing to defend the idea with words that aren’t hurtful but with wisdom.

Educate! I spoke with a former professional basketball player while golfing yesterday as I read the headline on my phone “NBA players suspend season but agree to resume and finish the season”. I had just found out he played pro ball and played D1 before that and figured he’d have perspective – so I asked “what do you think of this? Does the NBA not playing have any impact at all on the BLM stuff”. Not the most eloquent question but it’s real and was in the moment.

He said, “not at all, what needs to happen is funding for inner city education needs. And by that I mean, and I have hundreds of black friends so this is not racism but, man, really, kids are being brought up poorly with no strong presence in their lives, and it continues from generation to generation. That has to change to fix the problem……,”

Ok, agreed. So how? Where does the money come from? The President? All the rich white people? How about all the professional athletes? That last one I’ve been saying for many years. I will address that in another article – but yeah, I’d say all the above.

So I start with me, I encourage reasonable and rational thinking and am open to hearing all people’s thoughts and ideas and vow to engage in conversation. In this way I will help to find ways to make things better and equal and safer.