Litchfield School District Statement:

Positive COVID-19 Case: The Litchfield School District became aware yesterday evening (Sept. 13) of a Griffin Memorial School student who tested positive for COVID-19 after three full days of classes. The parent of the child shared this information on social media and school staff immediately responded. All student and staff notification protocols were followed and the district is working with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NH-DHHS) to address and monitor the situation moving forward. Upon learning of the positive test result, district officials triggered contact tracing in conjunction with the NH-DHHS. The Litchfield School District, through the school principal and classroom teacher, reported and contacted everyone who had “close contact” with the sick student (was within 6 feet of the student for a cumulative time of 10 minutes within a 4-hour period).

The student’s classroom and common areas were all deep cleaned early this morning, as was the school bus used by the student. Out of an abundance of caution, a number of students and staff were asked to stay home today. Additional communication from NH-DHHS will occur for anyone identified as having close contact with the infected student. Those families and staff will be directed to get tested and remain quarantined for 14 days. The total number of possible contacts has not yet been determined. The Litchfield School District is operating through an in-person/remote format. Approximately 80% of students in the School District are currently attending school in-person. That is coupled with a mask mandate, social-distancing requirements and frequent hand-washing/ sanitizing protocols.

PLEASE: Social Media is not the best way to communicate about COVID-19 or student illness. The best way is to send information directly to the school principal and school nurse through email. We have been trained to follow proper notification protocols and are equipped to respond rapidly to information we receive. Responding to panic actually hinders our ability to respond in a timely manner.