Litchfield State Reps Ralph Boehm and Rich Lascelles along with Manchester Rep Mark McLean and Merrimack Rep Jeanine Notter are “are drafting legislation that would place several requirements on companies found to be responsible for polluting groundwater.” according to the Union Leader. Boehm told the UL “We are looking at the responsible company then paying the water bills of those they have hooked up for five years, or until the property is sold,”….“Other towns might have problems with other companies,” Boehm said, noting the proposal is not specific to Saint-Gobain.

The Bill would “…require companies that pollute the groundwater to immediately supply drinking water to homes and businesses with private wells until a municipal water line connection is possible. If a water hookup cannot take place in a reasonable time,…..the company should pay to install water filters at homes”

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