Opinion By John Caynon

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Litchfield Mirror, LCTV, LCM, the Town of Litchfield or it’s elected officials.

Remember when you disagreed with someone’s point of view and you said “I disagree” and kept it moving? Now, If we disagree with a political point of view of someone or a company, we want that person fired, or that company put out of business, regardless of how that impact would affect others. We will lie and review the business as if we used its services halfway across the country to impact how others view their services. We do not just dislike our opponents; we look upon them as the enemy and loathe them. If we disagree with someone based on their social justice view, we want them cancelled, job in jeopardy, question their patriotism, or even threaten them. All because we disagree. A “Karen”, or a “Ken” confronts a person of color making unreasonable demands and we want them fired and to never be able to work again in their profession. Compassion, forgiveness, and empathy have all but disappeared in our society. We blame social media, but is that it? Is it the pressures of living in a modern fast paced world? Is it just fun to bully others behind the anonymity of a keyboard? Or have we become obsessed with how omnipotent we feel, by being able to impact the lives of others so quickly and like the fact that we can stop something in its tracks by doing all of the above? Are you yearning to say “I disagree” again and keep it moving? I know I am….