Mirror Staff / Rich Lascelles

Below is correspondence Rich Lascelles received from the Public Utilities Commission.

We are always pleased to learn that individual customers are interested enough in their utility rates to consider participating in a rate case. And, as I mentioned, Pennichuck East Utilities filed a notice of intent to file rate schedules (i.e., to commence a rate case) on September 23. The PUC opened Docket No. DW 20-156 for this purpose and, some time in the next 45 days or so, the company will file its actual rate case. After that, the Commission will issue an Order of Notice specifying the deadline for intervention requests. (“Intervention” means becoming an actual party to the rate case; as I mentioned, the Commission will grant such a request if the person making it is a customer of the utility in question. Intervention is a good idea because it creates a lot of rights without imposing any real responsibilities.) By the way, you suggested that your constituent feels that the company’s current rates are too high; it’s completely appropriate and permissible for a party to a rate case to make such an argument and ask the PUC to reduce rates from current levels. (That VERY rarely happens, however.)Please tell your constituent that she or he is welcome to contact me directly for more information. And feel free to reach out to me again if I can be of assistance. My phone number is below.



D. Maurice Kreis

Consumer Advocate

Office of the Consumer Advocate

21 South Fruit Street, Suite 18

Concord, New Hampshire 03301

603.271.1174 (direct line)