Mirror Staff / Rich Lascelles

A “Tribute to Pat Jewett” night at the town hall.

Many of you know Pat has been in and out of the hospital and rehab for many months. You’ll be happy to hear she just had a procedure done on her spine and is now a new (92 year old) woman. But with the pandemic and everything she will not be able to welcome visitors in the foreseeable future. I discussed with her daughter about a way of us the townspeople of Litchfield to show our appreciation for the years she has devoted to the town. So here’s the plan….scheduled to begin at 5 PM on Monday October 19 for everyone who wants to participate to come to the town hall prepared to video a short upbeat message about how much she means to them, projects they worked on with her and Will, and any short no more than a couple minutes message to her. She will be able to see it on Youtube and replay it at her leisure. Has to be UPBEAT with emphasis on her getting better and getting back home. It would also be good if we could get pictures of her and or Will working on projects or at functions that we can incorporate into the video. In Fact, If you want to do your own beatification project and video yourself for Pat to see, We’ll Call it IF JEWETT CAN DO IT, I think you will agree with me that this is the least we can do to show her how much we appreciate her and love her. I would love it if we could fill the parking lot….. Rich 325-5523