By Jim Cardello

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Litchfield Mirror, LCTV, LCM, the Town of Litchfield or it’s elected officials.

About 8 years ago I started writing down thoughts, well actually typing them into my “notes” on my iPhone.   I’ve collected my own set of quotes I’ve shared with my children as they’ve met new life opportunities, shared some on Facebook and others I just read and reread myself when I want to reflect or challenge myself or even reminisce.

This article is a handful of thoughts, I hope the readers can find some value in them.  Specifically these quotes are some I’ve tried to adapt in my own life because I’ve struggled with paying bills and eating poorly at times in my life.   Next week, I’ll share some quotes I found to be incredibly inspiring from movies!  Enjoy

“Be an independent thinker but ask a lot of questions, hear the answers and take what you can from them.  don’t be critical of them as someone’s response is based on their circumstance not your own.”

“Pay your bills on time but don’t work to live”

“Eat healthy but eat what you like and don’t overindulge”

“Surround yourself with people that get you, even if others don’t get why they do. These people are often the most trustworthy and loyal people in your life“

“if you don’t like the results of what you see try looking at it from a different angle“