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By John Caynon

All aboard the hypocrisy train!  Judge Barrett has a small Judicial background, she isn’t experienced enough to be a Supreme Court Justice, they say.  Associate Justices Elena Kagan and William Rehnquist were never judges before they got the jobs, funny how that works.  Discussions of packing the Supreme Court?  Does anyone realize that when the other party gets into power, they can also increase the number of Supreme Court justices?  Trump interrupted Biden during the first debate, incessantly, they say.   Biden interrupted Ryan incessantly during their VP debates, funny how that works.  Some people believe only one side acted un-presidential during the debate.  Really?  President Trump (allegedly) paid only $750 a year in federal taxes.   Amazon paid $0 in federal taxes, what a bargain!  Republicans say the mail in ballots sent out is going to be a disaster.  The Democrats scoff.  100,000 ballots in NYC are sent to the wrong homes due to a printer error. Awkward.  NYC just started allowing 25% capacity in restaurants.  NH has allowed 100% with social distancing, but we want nationwide standards on battling Covid instead of Governors controlling their states?   We are told that scientists say global warming is causing fires in California, but discount that prior to 1800, 4.5 million acres a year burned in California and it can’t be about bad stewardship.  270,000 acres burned last year.    The hypocrisy train just keeps chugging along.  Remember to get out there and vote!  If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!