With Shortened seasons and games played out of division the CHS Class of 2021 Senior Athletes had to deal with changes this Fall Season. One Major change was being recognized early in their season rather than the last home game. With a lot of unknown still ahead of us the Coaches and AD Josh Knight agreed to celebrate their achievements now.

Congrats to the Seniors of the Fall Sports Season.

Volleyball: Tori Allen, Chloe Steiniger

Golf: Sean Ryan, Aidan Perigny, Aidan Hyotte, Sean Dwyer, Chris Grondine

Cross Country: Cassie Hemming, Lyndsey Brown, Izzy Risitano, Riley Gamache, Megan Whitnell, Nicole Monoxelos, Colby Schmitt

Boys Soccer: Justin Gandia, Michael Decarli, Andrew Durfee

Girls Soccer:  Abby Buxton, Emily Cooper, Karleigh Schultz, Hannah Keane

Football: Drew Adamakos, Tyler Breton, Hunter Caron, Will McPherson, Thomas Groulx, Josh Lavoie, Ayden Lessard, Rusty Lessard, Tommy MacDonald, Ryan Moore, Adam Tambouris, Kyle Wark