By Nikki Fordey

The first interim report of the Commission on the Environmental and Public Health Impacts of Perfluorinated Chemicals will be released on November 1st, 2020. The Commission was created as a result of HB737 An act establishing a commission to investigate and analyze the environmental and health impacts relating to releases of perfluorinated chemicals in the air, soil, and groundwater in Merrimack, Bedford, and Litchfield. The Commission has been meeting since October 2019 and includes members of government, academia, community organizations, and the private sector. The Commission is required by law to release an interim report in November of each year 2020-2024, detailing the tasks that have been accomplished, what work remains to be completed, and the recommendations of the Commission in how to address PFAS-related health and environmental issues in the identified communities. This first interim report will also include an explanation of why the Commission was created, including important facts about PFAS and a brief history of PFAS contamination in Southern NH.
The next meeting of the full Commission is scheduled for Friday October 30, 2020 at 10am and is open to the public to watch (but not comment) – it will be broadcast live via the NH Senate Livestream at and then archived for access by anyone unable to watch live.

More information on the Commission, including agendas and meeting minutes, can be found at its website

A full list of Commission members and more information about past and future meetings can be found here