By Rob Fay

There was a time, in my youth, when you wouldn’t dare go fishing in the Merrimack River. The River, now much cleaner than the 1980’s is home to some prized game fish.

According to The NH Department of Environmental Services “The Atlantic salmon restoration program in the Merrimack River watershed officially ended in 2013. However, surplus salmon are still occasionally stocked in the Merrimack and are available for catch-and-release fishing in this segment of the river. Important game species sought by anglers on the Lower Merrimack River include small and large mouth bass as well as rainbow and brook trout, which are stocked by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. American eel and sea lamprey can also be found in the lower Merrimack River. Recommended fishing access to the river can be gained at Moore Falls in Litchfield, Greeley Park in Nashua, and both the Taylor Falls Bridge and Route 111 bridges between Hudson and Nashua.”

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