By Matt Lepore

Introducing the brand new Lonely Fort Conservation Area & Trail! With a trailhead on Albuquerque across from Blackbird Lane on Albuquerque, Lonely Fort offers a quick trek off the beaten path. Completed on October 4th, 2020, it is Litchfield’s newest conservation area in years. It gets the name Lonely Fort for a dilapidated fort south of the trail a couple hundred feet off of the road. Walls of picket fence encased a small fire pit with a grill, with pots and pans hanging from the branches of a neighboring tree. The fort has since gone away like the Old Man of the Mountain or our claim to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, but its foundation still remains. After passing through a dense hall of saplings, the trail opens up to a sparse woodland composed mostly of dead trees. To the south is Chase Brook, surrounded by lush green vegetation. To the north is Martin Lane. The trail meanders west until you reach Bixby Meadow, a picturesque and tranquil spot to rest.