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By: Jim Cardello

Just some thoughts on what’s going on in the next couple of weeks leading up to November 3 election. I’ve been alive for 15 years I’ve not been super political or really even close to that. We’ve all seen the impact that social media has on decision making, thought process and frankly just about everything we think.

Just some thoughts on what’s going on in the next couple of weeks leading up to November 3 election. I’ve been alive for 52 years, I’ve not been super political or really even close to that. We’ve all seen the Impact that social media has on decision making, thought process And frankly just about everything we think.

A lot of people I listen to or read or just see online etc. seem to think that we’re in for a major changes after the election. In my lifetime I’ve not necessarily seen or realized “major changes “ From one administration to another but I think that may be a relative term.

So what is major change? We hear Planned Parenthood funding and free tuition and a nicer person if the Democrats win. We hear KAGA if the Republicans win. So probably Planned Parenthood is important. I know a lot of people that feel very strongly about this being a federally funded program. I get it. It’s a big deal. And was last ejection too. I don’t know the stats but once it was defunded, I’d like to know if many were negatively impacted directly because of it because I didn’t hear much about that the last four years. Not minimizing it just wondering. Yes, I know there is a deeper conversation on just that topic but I’m using it now for my point which I’m getting to soon I promise.

Most of my closer friends are concerned for higher taxes and raising of rates if the Dems win and I guess that stems from being small business owners mostly or just people that earn their own wages somehow, independent contractor types, business owners, hustlers, gamblers, etc…..
This is a real thing. And yes it can be big. Financially. I get that too. Still not yet to my point – your devotion and loyalty is still reading is heart warming.

Now, here we all sit, 2 weeks away from the biggest collective decision this country can make every 4 years and we as a country COULD NOT BE MORE DIVIDED AND DIVISIVE!

That is where the biggest change needs to happen. Not one sides version or the other since it has been so greatly designed to be as opposite as can be on most important issues. If you’re a Democrat you can’t even stomach the idea of seeing Trump for four more years. Understandable. He’s often intolerable to listen to when he speaks, isn’t very attractive and no one likes a man that flaunts how great he thinks he is at every opportunity.

If you’re a Republican you can’t stand the idea of waking up in a blue country, being required to increase your own spending for others. And I know you give to charities and help your neighbor and do what you can to help others, you just don’t think the government should decide who you help. I get that too. Now, how to rectify. IDFK! I know that both sides are very sneaky in what they want you to believe is right and will be VERY loud about their spin on the others stances on topics. That’s hard. Unless you have a job that allows you to sort through all the bills to change or continue certain laws and find what’s important to you, then you’ll never know that (in the following hypothetical and satirical example) for $20m federal funds to help prevent forest fires is part of a bill that may also include $10m to build a wall at the Mexican border. Tbh I have no clue if this is even close but these are the types of things that happen. One side will take that and might say “Trump supports $10m to build wall but let’s fires burn the entire country” while the other might say “The Biden Harris ticket supports saving the forest but wants drug trafficking legalized”. I know that’s extreme but it makes the point. The country is terribly divided.
I have been hearing louder than I ever have before that a 3rd party needs to be more prominent. I guess this has been a thing for many years but maybe I’m just at the age where it seems more possible than ever. I don’t like it but I see it. I always think of Ross Perot when I think 3rd party and I don’t even think he was but that old “I’m Ross Perot” rings in my brain I remember it and remember thinking he’s different. I digress.

So we need unity in the country. It won’t happen this election regardless of which way it goes – both sides report the other side will resort to terrible things if they don’t win. And that will create more division and in our present system we are in for more turmoil over 4 years.
Yet, others say that you can write in a candidate – Tulsi Gabbard for one. But if you do that’s a “wasted” vote. To those I ask, is it a wasted vote because it didn’t go to the candidate you’re voting for? Or us wasted because it was counted on by the Democrats to go to Biden because they’re both Democrats? Well how’d that work out for Tulsi when she disagreed with Hillary? She’s been pushed down hard by her own party! Why? Because she has some conservative leaning views. Hmmm – imagine that, a candidate that supports some things Democrat and some things Republican. Maybe even in line with what the 2 party system was originally designed for.
I ramble. Because I don’t really know much. I’m pretty good at listening to things and determining what makes sense and what doesn’t and frankly most of what I hear right now from both sides talking about the others shortcomings don’t make sense.

I’ll be voting on 11/3 and I hope I’ve got a clear vision on who to vote for or write in at that time. Today I don’t.