The Magic Mirror is trying something different this week. Literally !! Day of the Dead Taqueria enjoyed their first week in business. The Magic Mirror has seen a lot of positive experiences posted on social media. The Magic Mirror loves Mexican food so it was time to sample some of their delectable delights. First I sampled the Taco Bowl with Grilled Chicken and all the Fixins. LOVED it, the grilled chicken was chopped into perfect bite sized pieces, the pico de gallo was fresh and the hot stuff stayed hot and the cold stuff stayed cold. Like the ol’ McDLT!! Secondly was the Build Your Own Burrito. I got shredded chicken, Lettuce Tomato and shredded cheese with rice. AWESOME. Although I found a bone in my shredded chicken the flavors were on point. Finding a bone doesn’t bother me, it means it’s REAL chicken!!! All in all the experience was very good. Small tweaks in their processes, I’m sure they will pick up the speed. The Day of the Dead Taqueria is a great change of pace. The Magic Mirror predicts a very successful future in The Litch.


Lots of construction on Charles Bancroft Highway this week. It has come to the Magic Mirror’s attention that some of the detailed police have been from other towns. The Magic Mirror suspects the reason is the LPD is a bit under staffed and normally would use their own officers for traffic details.

Christmas in Litchfield this year will a bit different then we had the last couple of years. A tree lighting at the Town Center and other surprises.