By Matt Lepore

Hello everyone,

I will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new trail this coming Sunday 10/25, at 3 pm. A tour of the trail will follow. It should be pretty quick.

The trails at the Large White Lot, Moore’s Falls, Parker Park, and Lonely Fort are in good shape. Not many visitors have been wearing orange. The number of painted rocks at Moore’s Falls has dwindled significantly. I did publish on social media that we asked for no more painted rocks on the trails. The Rec. Commission may permit painted rocks on their properties. Some dirt bike activity is present on the rail trail and on the Justin Young Trail (to the Merrimack River). I will be meeting with a church official on Wednesday to determine what can be done to narrow the trail access from the church side of the trail onto Moore’s Falls. A skid-steer with an auger attachment is located near the parking lot on 3A by the kiosk.