By Kim Mattucci

Tall Glass Vineyards

Litchfield is becoming quite the booming little town. We had a country store and a restaurant open this past week and now there is a vineyard in the works, slated to open in 2021, Tall Glass Vineyards will be located at 288 Charles Bancroft Highway, right along the Merrimack River.
Owner Win Van Mourik, a resident of Litchfield since 1997 has been a home wine maker for years. Van Mourik has recently left his high-tech job and has traded his home wine making hobby into a serious wine making venture. Currently, working as an assistant wine maker at a
winery in New Hampshire and a main wine maker at another, Van Mourik says “it’s time to take it from the hobby level to the professional level”.

It takes about 3000 thousand vines to start, so planting about 5000 will be the goal. It will take about 3 years for that group to reach establishment where 25% of those grapes can be used. By year 4 about 50% can be used and only after years 5 & 6 are the vines ready to produce the grapes needed for exceptional wine. In general grapes are not a good crop for New Hampshire’s winter climates but the grapes for Tall Glass Vineyards are considered a cold hearty variety from Cornell and the University of Minnesota. Tall Glass Vineyards will be specializing in 5 white wines and 3 or 4 red wines, which should be on the sweeter sides. Varieties could include a Niagara and a Brianna, among others. With 3000 vines planted, Tall Glass Vineyard’s will be the 2 nd largest vineyard in New Hampshire! Not bad for our little town of Litchfield. With many federal and state regulations to adhere to and licenses to obtain, Van Mourik hopes the building will be up and finished by April of 2021. Before wine can even be made, federal and state licenses have to be obtained but once all is set, it will be a nice place to sit in chairs by the river and enjoy a glass of wine and meet up with friends. How did they come up with the name “Tall Glass Vineyards”? “Well nobody ever wants a small glass of wine, do they”? Cheers to that!

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