By Kim Mattucci

On Thursday afternoon, my husband, oldest son, and I decided to get takeout from the new Mexican restaurant in town, Day of the Dead. We got an order of the Pastor tacos, the Suizo tacos, the wings, the chorizo dip, margarita mix and the Burrito Alebrije. The order only took 20
minutes. Perfect amount of time. Nothing was soggy when we got home, another bonus. The tacos were delicious! Even better they never fell apart! The burrito was stuff and held together nicely. The wings come with buffalo sauce on the side and were cooked well, a bit on the smaller side, more like wing dings but still tasted good.

My favorite was the chorizo dip. Lots of cheese, chunks of chorizo, great taste and just a dash of spicy. Their chips are thicker so they old up to the dip & the salsa like a champ! We mixed the margarita mix with Hornitos lime and served over ice! It was a great lunch and left us full. We cannot wait to try the other tacos and the quesadillas next time. Yes, there will be a next time!