By Rob Fay

Since 2008 Spooky World has been scaring the pants off Litchfield (And Beyond) residents with their numerous Haunts and Hayrides. The Mirror had the opportunity to talk to co-owner Mike Accomando about the Horror Theme Park and how they are coping with Covid-19 restrictions. “We take this very seriously” Accomando told the Mirror “We’re taking the HHS guidelines to heart and doing everything they are asking of us.”

The park can only operate at 50% capacity, All staff are wearing masks and the “Jump Outs” we so love, now have to be from at least 6 feet away.

The park saw great numbers in 2008-2010. “Our numbers were strong even though, it seemed, every other town had a Haunted Theme Park” Accomando says. Over the years the numbers have been good. Some years weather would play a factor on attendance. At peak the park sees 1,500 visitors per weekend night. However, over the years, one strange factor seemed to determine a strong turnout or not. “The Red Sox! When the Red Sox make a deep playoff run our numbers go down 35%” Accomando says. “We’ve been blessed with great sports teams around here and it does affect business” Accomando adds “On Sundays, If the Patriots won their 4:00pm game the park will be full at night , everybody would be happy and having a great time”. The Mirror does not forsee happy Patriots fans anytime soon.

This weekend Spooky World is encouraging their visitors to wear costumes to make the Halloween spirit feel alive. *Please don’t arrive with any type of weaponry, staff, cane, etc. Halloween masks or face paint are not allowed.