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Opinion by John Caynon

It is almost over for another 4 years.  Record people are expected to cast votes this year which is great for our Republic.  We hear over and over, if we just elect a new leader of the country,  we will take a new turn with regards to all of the police shootings of black men in the country.   Philadelphia, where a recent episode occurred has been run by one party since 1952.  Chicago, 1930’s,  Boston,  since 1930,  Minneapolis of the famed George Floyd incident, 1974 and the list goes on.  So if the police report to the mayors of those cities and have done so for decades, what makes us think that a change in leadership of the country is going to make a change in those police forces, since apparently the person where the buck is supposed to stop in those cities doesn’t do anything to make a change?  There’s a meme that shows someone being tossed out of the back of a car with a label like wearing masks and on the driver’s side there is Packing the Court.  What new thing will be placed in the driver’s seat of the  car next as we move on and toss Covid which has a 99% survival rate for most Americans?  Will the breathless counts continue unabated or will they fade because the election fades into memory as a media with a certain bias moves on to possible victory celebrations?  Will we be “brought together” (regardless of who wins),  or continue on in our current trajectory of acrimony and continuing political infighting.  Will we even know who won next week?  Will your life get better? Care to place a bet?  Remember the House generally doesn’t lose.  Make sure you vote on November 3 rd if you haven’t already.  Hard to take complaints seriously if you didn’t cast a ballot!