Opinion By John Caynon

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Things that make you say hmmm…..

Man, these polls were garbage. Republicans gained house seats, polls said they would lose, Polls said the Senate was going to flip, looks like that won’t be the case. Texas was going to flip and Florida was going to be a dog fight. Biden was ahead double digits in places, and if he wins, it will be an eked out win. The only poll that said nationwide, he was ahead appears to be the only accurate one. HOW much have these polls changed how and if people were going to vote, either because a landslide was looking like it was coming or because conversely, they thought their side was going to get blown out. And in 4 years, we will be rivetted to polls again. Kind of like mice in a cheese maze, they keep feeding us and we keep coming back.  PT Barnum was alleged to have said,  “There’s a sucker born every minute”.   We met the sucker, and it is us!!