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Opinion by John Caynon

Do you ever wonder where the media was during this election cycle and now that it is over?  Since  President Elect Biden will be presumably taking over in January,  has anyone asked him what happens when all of those people making $400K and over in California, New York, and New Jersey, get their new Federal taxes on top of their already high taxes in their state, decide to move to states like Florida, Texas, Washington, and even NH where they have no state taxes, especially since remote working is being widely accepted?  How does that tax base loss get made up in those states unless new fees and taxes are added by the states to make up the lost revenues?  Who does that tax burden fall on, then?  So, maybe technically the federal taxes will not increase, but doesn’t that mean folks will have less money in their pockets anyway?  You heard anyone ask a politician that yet?  Or are they too busy cheering on the sideline that they vanquished the terror?  Vanquishing the “terror” isn’t their job, asking tough and reasonable questions to both sides is.  Seems like they dropped the ball on that part of their job.  Now some Democrats are asking people to move to Georgia, just to register to vote in the Senatorial runoffs in January.  Have reporters asked these leaders if they know that it is illegal to move to Georgia, just to vote, then leave the state which would essentially be voter fraud, because the runoff is still part of the election that happened in early November?  Have you seen that question asked anywhere?  Seems like when it comes to the press asking these basic tough questions, they are missing at the wheel.   Maybe when Biden actually takes office,  they will start doing their jobs again.  Your guess is as good as mine.