Kim Mattucci

Purple Tail Farm LLC

I have lived in Litchfield for 24 years. I came from the Boston area, born & raised & found the country (yes, this was country to me) to be a nice change of pace from the congestion and smoggy air of Everett. What drew me to Litchfield was the farmland. There were horses, cows, pigs, chickens, roosters, peacocks, you name it and it was on a farm. McQuesten, Durocher & Wilson were the ones I frequented in my first several years of residency.

In 2011, Purple Tail Farm. LLC was established right at 22 Page Road, owned and operated by Lauren and Steven Johnson. Originally it was a lesson and equine-assisted psychotherapy farm. Equine-assisted psychotherapy, also called equestrian therapy or horse therapy, is a type of mental health treatment that involves a person in therapy interacting with horses. Although the farm still offers both services (although the equine therapy services were suspended this year due to COVID-19) it has evolved into a small working farm with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, and cows. You can find raw cow and goat milk, pasteurized cow & goat yogurt, with or without
honey and free-range eggs! You can also find a library, free to the public. Everyone is welcome and donations are much appreciated. You can find the roadside farm stand open from Memorial Day through Columbus Day with offerings of fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies, as well as their
dairy items. What’s to come in the new year? Well, hold your horses, (pun intended) the farm is looking to offer lamb and goat meat and looking to expand into a local pasture for the livestock. This will provide more space, create local hay and ultimately help the land itself. They are also exploring local dairy delivery, complete with an Amish buggy and carriage! Some other ideas are a beef share program and an expansion of the farm stand to include local pottery and crafts, things to bring the community a bit closer together and learn about the animals, the work they do and how even the animal byproducts are used in the land and gardens.

“We consider our animals family” says Lauren. “Food, like joy, should be shared”. They would like the community to know that their food products are available for sale but if you’re a bit short, “take what you need and pay later”. Want more information on the farm, riding lessons, equine psychotherapy, the library or any of the farm’s products? Reach out to Lauren Johnson at and and on Facebook, Purple Tail Farm, LLC