Kim Mattucci

For many of us, one of the first things we do when we get up in the morning is head straight for the coffee maker. I know that I cannot even begin to face the day without my morning joe. Eric Murphy and his wife Shelley are probably in the same boat or at least they love coffee. On July
27th of this year, the couple launched their coffee business, Beard and Brow Coffee Roasters. To the Murphy’s surprise, business has been great including orders from customers in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. You can also find their coffee being served at The Steak Out
restaurant in Goffstown, NH. Beard & Brow coffee is roasted in small batches to order. Nothing is roasted ahead of time, so every bag is fresh and delicious!

You can find 4 different kinds of coffee currently for sale on their website. On Point is our 100% Brazilian Arabica medium roast with notes of chocolate, honey, almonds, and dried fruits. Watson, the family’s Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is the company mascot and is on the packaging of On Point. Looking for a dark roast? Look no further than Intense Focus. It is also 100% Brazilian Arabic beans with notes of chocolate, toffee, dates, and nuts. Natural Instinct is a great medium-dark roast made from 100% Guatemalan Arabica beans and you will find the couple’s 2 nd pup Graham, a Spinone Italiano gracing the front of the package.

Last but certainly not least is their seasonally coffee, Griffmas. It is their On Point beans but enhanced with clove, cinnamon and brown sugar. As their website states, “You will get a taste of the holidays in every sip”. I’m personally going to check this one out! Although, the Murphy’s no longer live in Litchfield, they have family that still resides in town. Shelley lived in Litchfield when Page Road was still dirt! What?! How long ago was that?

Currently coffee can be order online from their website. The Murphy’s are also looking forward to a vintage bazaar in December that will give them a chance to sell directly to customers! They have orders from friends and family but also have customers in the UK and the Netherlands!
So if you have a coffee lover in your circle and still need to finish up your holiday shopping, check out Beard and Brow. Visit their website: and on
Facebook, Beard & Brow Small Batch Coffee Rosters.