Opinion by John Caynon

Things that make you say Hmmm…

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The list of Do as I say and not as I do gets longer…  Governor Newsom of California is in pics at a dinner in California with 2 high level California Medical Association people attending a birthday party where he wasn’t following his social distancing rules and they were inside, when he said that they were outside.  Everyone remembers Nancy Pelosi and her hairstylist appointment where she was not masked.  The mayors of Washington DC, Chicago, and Philadelphia have all had their run ins telling people you can’t do this, but then they did that which they told the common folks, the peons, not to do.  The President finally said, wearing a mask was important, but rarely wore a mask until COVID-19 reared its ugly head at the White House and he came down with it and mocked commentator Laura Ingraham at one of his rallies when she wore one.  Now, the Governor of NH just mandated wearing masks in public spaces  and it applies to indoor spaces and outdoors where distance can’t be maintained. Note that six days earlier, he said it wasn’t the time for that.  On television earlier this week, the new House speaker was against a mask mandate.   Time will tell if we have yet another group of pol who tells us one thing and do another.  If you don’t stand behind what you tell others to do, how do you really expect them to take you and your message seriously?