Supt. Dr. Mike Jette

Good afternoon, Litchfield Families!

I am writing about our instructional plan for next week.  As of this moment, we intend to reopen for in-person learning from Monday, December 14th until Wednesday December 23rd.  During this timeframe, we will continue to offer remote learning for those who selected this option at the start of the year or any additional students who prefer this option through the Holiday break.

Our current projections for Monday show that we have 2 COVID positive staff on the final day of quarantine at GMS, 1 at LMS and 1 at CHS.  These are much improved case counts over when we had to switch to remote learning.  Please note that any family with concerns about attending in-person learning is encouraged to contact the teachers and school principal and remain in the remote learning model.

In order to be successful for these 8 days, we need everyone to cooperate and follow the rules.  Only send students to attend school if they pass the Daily Health Screening.  Wear masks anytime in public spaces, and maintain physical distancing.  Spend time only with household family members (My family is experiencing for the thousandth time our favorite Christmas specials!).

Watch for the detailed announcement from school principals later this evening.  Our staff has engaged around 4 guiding questions to be successful:

  1. What are the best practices we need to implement starting on Monday to be sure everyone remains safe?
  2. What practices were in place before Thanksgiving break that need to be updated to resume safe operations?
  3. What practices in our schools have become routine and require a greater level of commitment by students and staff?
  4. What traditional holiday practices need to be modified or eliminated to ensure student and staff safety?

Principals will provide re-opening details based on staff engagement around these 4 questions.  Please understand that this plan could change for any of our schools without much advance notice as information on active COVID cases and staffing levels is received.

Be well & Stay Strong!

Mike Jette, Superintendent of Schools