Rob Fay / Supt. Dr. Mike Jette

We all know the Covid numbers are a debate all their own. In the case of reporting cases within the school districts to NH-DHHS, descrepencies and inconsistoncies are becoming a big problem. I asked Litchfield School District Supt. Dr. Mike Jette about his level of frustration. His reply was as of 12/4.

“I am very frustrated by the NH-DHHS school COVID website.  The numbers are incredibly inaccurate.  In the beginning, they were reporting cases that they never disclosed to any school officials.  We learned of them AFTER members of the public saw them posted.  Thus, we were reacting to information instead of proactively planning how to respond.  Now, the numbers are woefully wrong in the other direction.  We know of 12 current positive cases in our schools, yet the website reflects 1.  My own district has similar unreported cases.  While we are getting multiple letters front he superintendent, the state website is reporting no active cases.  Honestly, while this is a noble effort at transparency, it leads to an erosion of trust in both the state’s reporting and our management of Litchfield cases.  While we are on top of things, I am frustrated that a member of the public could think the differing case reports say otherwise.

The Litchfield School District will return to full in school learning on Monday, 12/14.