Opinion By John Caynon

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It is Christmas time, and everyone is supposed to be of good cheer.  A pandemic is raging, and the country has hit a 3000 day death toll.  We have a vaccine on the horizon, which we now know has been delayed by bureaucracy.  Schools are going remote learning, in person, then back to remote learning in random fashion.  Restaurants were open to indoor and outdoor eating, but now that appears to be changing.  Curfews are in place in Mass. and being considered in Nashua.  People are still refusing to wear masks  (muh freedoms) , and some are against taking the new vaccine when it becomes available.  

A debate by some is still ongoing about who won the election, and now we know Hunter Biden and his uncle are/were being investigated by the Feds.  We know that Joe Biden is starting to hear from various factions of his party about what some feel is the lack of diversity at the cabinet level, especially Asian Americans and African Americans (although the Defense Secretary nominee is African American).  The President is considering having a separate rally on Inauguration day after he leaves office in a sign of non unity of a nation.  If 2020’s Christmas time wasn’t one for Mr. Grinch,  which one  would?