Mirror Staff / Rich Lascelles

Selectmen Rich Lascelles really stirred up some contraversy with a post on the What’s Up Facebook Page this past week when he announced Pennichuck was raising rates by 21.05%. A quick check to the PWW Website shows a rate increase of at least 7.81% . Regardless, any rate increase will not be received well by Litchfield resdident who have had to deal with brown water, outages and contamination from St. Gobain. Patience is running thin. Lascelles has filed to be an intervenor. Here is the exact post.

Believe it or not, Pennichuck has filed for a 21.05% rate increase! We need to fight this! I have filed to be an intervenor in the case which means I will get all notices, documents, etc. We need to organize a grass roots movement to get the PUC and Pennichuck to understand we are not happy with this increase and will make our voices heard! If you want to participate in this effort PM me or leave your email, phone number, etc. so we can mobilize.

For more info or to be part of the process, rlascelleshome@prodigy.net Yes, that’s right. Prodigy.