LEA / Mirror Staff

The LEA does NOT endorse the District’s plan to reopen our schools from Monday, December 14, to Wednesday, Dec. 23. Rather, we believe it would be wise to err on the side of caution and have students return to the building at a later date after the holidays, preferably on January 19, the day after Martin Luther King Day. This would allow for a “cooling off” period, which had appeared to be an integral part of the District’s original reopening plan, but which has since fallen into oblivion. This cooling-off period is more important now than ever because three members of our already-understaffed janitorial team are currently quarantining due to COVID-related concerns. Furthermore, much like the discarded “cooling-off” period, the Harvard Global Health Institute model, which in the Reopening Plan appeared to be the metrics that would inform the District’s decision as to which instructional model we would be in — in-school, hybrid, or remote -has been utterly ignored. Litchfield teachers and staff want nothing more than to be in school with our students, face-to-face, full-time. However, we believe that in light of the recent COVID surge that will likely continue through the holidays, it is prudent at this juncture to remain in a remote learning model until January 19, the day after Martin Luther King Day. Let’s truly keep kids, and their families, first. Let’s err on the side of caution and protect the health and safety of the entire Litchfield community — students, staff, and families. Let’s return to schools on January 19, 2021.