By Marc Cloutier

***If you own a pool, hot tub, have multiple people in your household, have a lawn irrigation system using Public water this should speak directly to you.

I speculate Litchfield’s average water Bill is $100. This will cost you an additional $20+ Month or over 4 years; $1,000 per household. I spoke with Mike Giaimo, NH Public Utility Commissioner,(603) 271-2431 – FYI they are registering citizens names and concerns on public record with this matter. Positive feedback from the PUC they have fielded about a dozen + calls thus far regarding the 20+% Temp rate hike with other misc cases regarding h20 quality. I voiced to the PUC that its my assumption that the temporary cost increases are substantiated because of the infrastructure needed to service homes because of the Saint-Gobain PFoAs spikes in water sources and new Litchfield housing developments (Page Road and Hillcrest Rd) infrastructure. If Pennichuck thinks that we (the town residents) will shoulder these cost increases and not chase Saint-Gobain for these costs and not take a stand, they are mistaken. Please call and voice your interests. The PUC will be attending the calls on Monday! The Office of Consumer Advocates which represents the interests of residential utility customers before the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, will also be attending the call. Also, a big thank you to Rich Lascelles in filing our town Intervention so our voices can and will be heard.******** All interested should attend, there is good merit in this discussion and as the infamous saying goes: Power in Numbers and, the squeaky wheel (most every time) gets the grease.

Editor’s Note; Remeber how upset you were when a proposed pipeline was going to run through town? Well, You should be just as upset about a proposed 20% rate increase. Did you know Litchfield is Pennichuck’s largest customer? What? How? Please watch the Pennichuck Virtual Meeting Monday 12/21 @6pm. You can watch on LCTV channel 22 or LitchfieldTV Youtube page. You can attend by phone

(US toll) +1 650-215-5226 (access code: 1751522464)