Deputy Chief Nicoll / Health Officer

As Litchfield’s Health Officer I would like to thank everyone for all the precautions you and your family’s take on a daily basis during these unprecedented times we find ourselves in. Although there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccines recently released, we all need to be extra vigilant during the next few weeks with the holidays and family gatherings. The numbers reflected on WMUR’s website for Litchfield have been fairly accurate up until recently with the number of active cases in town. During the spring and summer we were averaging 4-7 positive cases per week which spiked to an average of 40-60 after school resumed in September. This trend continued into October and early November. After Thanksgiving and now into December Litchfield is seeing an average of over 100 active COVID cases. Sadly, we know of a couple of residents who have died from complications of COVID. Please enjoy the holidays, but remember to not let your guard down and wear a mask, wash your hands and keep socially distant when possible. Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe holiday season.