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Opinion By John Caynon

NH has people sitting in their cars in food lines, people running out of extra unemployment benefits, and we are getting ready to reach the end of rent/mortgage evictions. Thank goodness, the President, who was apparently twiddling his thumbs during the negotiation period, and twittering his tantrums, decided that even stuff that his administration agreed on, like money to Sudan for their agreement to say that they were in line with an agreement on Israel wasn’t in the interest of the American people. Umm, Mr. President, then why agree on it in the first place, just to grandstand later? Not only have the American people been hung out to dry and left in limbo, the Republican party has been left hanging, trying to defend Georgia for Republican candidates who couldn’t “deliver” for the American people. Lets all be honest, the politicians generally couldn’t care less about the plight of the average American, beyond politics. Not one politician, state or government employee apparently missed a paycheck or reduction of pay during this pandemic. None of their staffs were affected. Playing politics when lines of people many, who can’t work normal hours due to politicians deeming it so in the best interest of the populace, is callous at best that they can’t all agree to a basic, decent, realistic plan that will really assist those in need, without having billions filtered off through greed and fraud. Hopefully 2021 will lead to a reduction in leadership by Twitter and real attempts at bipartisanship to work for the American people. Not really holding my breath, because I already see the knives sharpening on spending time and energy on Hunter Bidengate…..