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By Sherry Fay

As the New Year approaches, we wait in anticipation for the arrival of a new year. Though a bitwary and a tad on guard, we hang on to the hope of good tidings, joy, and a more plentiful stock of Boil-in-a-Bag White Rice within Hannaford’s Aisle 3.  And though I have no gift of clairvoyance whatsoever, these are my TOP TEN predictions for Litchfield for 2021:

10. Litchfield residents will keep their Christmas lights up longer, start grilling earlier, and might even wear real pants again. 

9. Bittersweet Bakery will lure more Litchfield sweet tooth lovers their way forcing them to increase their business hours.  Preferably on Fridaysbetween 3:30-4pm, reserved for residents of 15 plus years, with last initial F, shoe size 10.

8. A coyote will be spotted.

7. South Talent Road will be the last road plowed and yet, the last road with working electricity during major snow events.

6. Purple Tail Farm facebook posts and pics  will continue to charm us each morning.  This is more of a requirement than prediction.   

5. Residents over 50, especially those who are suffering from CRS (Can’t Remember Squat) will continue to look up the Town Incinerator Hours again and again even ifthey visited twice last week and for the last fifteen years.

4. Chase the Chicken will still be a stud amongst a flock full of ladies requiring nothing in return but a bowl full of maple and brown sugar oatmeal.

3.  CHS will open full-time except for advisories K-M, then reopen two weeks prior to closing. LMS grades 5-6 will be remote for all days of the week that begin with
letter S, grade 7 will open regular hours except between 12:30-3am and grade 8 will attend via tic toc.  GMS will open on the odd days of the week and remain remotewhen the odd day is even.

2. Several senior students will contribute 30 hours of community service to their senior projects on the weekend before they graduate despite the 10 month notice.

and 1. Intermittent ground-shattering, earth-quaking explosions will continue to puzzle Litchfield residents and we will all have our explanations but for those of us that grew up here, we know it’s the aliens they’re still hiding at 250 Route 102.