Mirror Staff

During the Dec. 28th meeting of the Litchfield Board of Selectmen the Board voted to file as intervenors to challenge Pennichuck Water Works’ proposed rate hike. Watch the meeting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXBcObdRRtY&pbjreload=101

Selectman Rich Lascelles statement following the meeting.

Attention – Pennichuck is Moving Ahead with a Huge Rate Increase and We Need to Fight It

We need citizens to voice their opposition. This can be done in two ways:

1) EMAIL THE PUC – Email the Public Utilities Commission voicing your opposition. Email PUC@puc.nh.gov and executivedirector@puc.nh.gov. Title it “DW20-156 – Litchfield Water Rates”

2) BECOME AN INTERVENER – To become more involved, you can become an intervener and help represent Litchfield during rate hearings. Contact me or Marc Cloutier for more info. If we don’t fight this, our already astronomical rates will increase an additional 21%. Your email can be very brief but here is some ammunition.-

Litchfield’s rates will be $9.42 per unit of water. Hudson pays $3.30, Merrimack is $2.32, and Manchester is $1.64. We pay between 2.9 times and 5.7 times more than our neighbors- The average Litchfield homeowner will pay almost $90 per month for water. If you water your lawn, that cost may exceed $250 per month. With lawn watering, you may pay $1,500+ per year for water.- With the St. Gobain PFOA situation, customers have no other water option as wells could be contaminated. We are forced to use Pennichuck.

Here is a link to more documents related to the rate increase: https://www.puc.nh.gov/Regulatory/Docketbk/2020/20-156.html?fbclid=IwAR0ekVARhgpWH_HdK0Qv3pAiXvy410E7WIdIBSINdxNlh6ymYeMs7whvA6Q