Litchfield- COVID Virus Update

As Litchfield’s Health Officer I would like to thank everyone for all the precautions you and your family’s take on a daily basis during these unprecedented times we find ourselves in. Although there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccines recently released, we all need to be extra vigilant during the weeks and months ahead when around other people and especially during family gatherings. is a good tool for gauging where Litchfield numbers are during this pandemic. Please be aware the dashboard figure is more of an average number of cases per day over a 7-day period. I have found discrepancies in actual numbers but that is to be expected for many reasons. There are many different labs and entities (schools, colleges, nursing homes etc.) reporting cases so there is a delay in when active cases are reported to the State and the dashboard is updated. If you are tested out of state, your information is not reported to NH for tracking purposes. There are residents who have self quarantined but have not been PCR tested but may/ could be asymptomatic or symptomatic. I have also been aware of members of families who have been tested but somehow have not shown up on the state list of active infections. The DHHS is working on this to make the data more accurate.

 For now, the actual active cases in town are somewhere in the middle between what is reported by dashboard and what is in the E911 dispatch for first responders. On average Litchfield is seeing 4-6 daily positive cases, with occasional spikes to 10 positive daily cases. This does not include any spikes we may see from New Year’s gatherings which I expect we would see over the next week or so. 

We as a community have done a very good job in slowing the spread of this virus. From March of 2020 through the spring and summer we were averaging 4-7 cases per week. This number spiked to an average of 40-60 cases per week in September and continued through October and early November. December saw increases both as a result of Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. During this timeframe sadly, a few Litchfield residents died from complications of COVID-19. The town is currently seeing an average of 4-6 daily cases, with spikes to 10 daily cases. This dramatic increase in cases is being seen statewide and across the entire country.

As we continue our fight against this virus, I highly recommend every resident that is able get vaccinated when their opportunity for vaccination is offered. We all need to do our part to help get back to some sort of normalcy in our daily lives.

Doug Nicoll

Litchfield Health Officer