By Purple Tail Farm / Mirror Staff

If you follow the Purple Tail Farm on Facebook ( then you are aware of the upcoming births of the resident sheep. With that in mind, The Mirror asked Lauren Johnston to give us an in depth look at the Sheep of Purple Tail Farm.

So, the breed of sheep we keep are a cross between TUNIS and DORSET, called TUNIS/DORSET CROSS. They are especially nice for fiber, meat and milk, though, at this time, we do not milk our sheep. There are 8 sheep: 6 pregnant ewes, one wether (neutered ram) and one Ram. The ewes are Ruth, Martha, Lilly & Patches (twins) and Fluff and Wonder B. The wether’s name is Moses (son of Ruth) and the ram is Ramses. The sheep are due to lamb around mid-March and we expect anywhere from 6 to 12 lambs as often, sheep will have twin lambs. We will keep the ewe (girl) lambs and sell the ram (boy) lambs. Ramses will be moving to another farm in northern NH as we need to have another ram here to keep the genetics of this flock healthy and not in-bred. We work our Border Collies on the sheep, daily and raise and train Border Collie pups for working with livestock.