Opinion By John Caynon

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Remember last year when there were protests over how African Americans perceived that they were treated by the police?  During some of those protests, there was rioting.  Many in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) said, those few don’t represent us, our protests were mostly peaceful, and in fact some of them aren’t even BLM protesters, they are people there to take advantage of the situation.  The response from the other side – “Right, you aren’t a part of the rioting and mayhem, “THUGS!””  Flash forward to January 2021.  Many of President Trump’s supporters, called to Washington D.C. by the President for a “rally/protest” were swept up into an assault on the Nation’s Capitol.  Some were there to protest, some had planned for what was to come as they entered the Capitol grounds and attacked the police (many of the protesters probably had “Blue Lives Matter” somewhere in their social media, but anyway…  What occurred, many debate that it was insurrection called upon by the President and his allies, but here is the kicker.  The Trump Supporters are saying,  “there were only maybe 50 or so people arrested, the vast majority of the people there was protesters, and the ones causing the problems were ANTIFA, not Trump supporters  (sound familiar?)  So, the other side said “Right, you aren’t a part of rioting and mayhem, and insurrection, “THUGS”!  Funny how this all works.  Sad, but funny… Hopefully  2021 hasn’t told 2020 to “Hold my beer”….