Opinion By John Caynon

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The new President has a fine tightrope to walk, between the calls to reprogram, or deprogram his opponents or the calls to ostracize and not allow his opponents to find jobs, while calling for unity and a kumbaya moment for all to join together NOW and pull in the same direction.  Surely, the most executive actions in the first 2 days to undo many actions of the last 4 years will not assuage those on the other side that he wants to be the President of “all” peoples.  He is going to have to be careful to not frame all opponents of his views as white supremacists and racists, because over 70 million people voted for his opponent.  Yes, that famous line of “elections have consequences” rings true, but it was supposed to ring true for both sides.  Now if the media will hold those in power to task when they should and ask the tough questions, instead of hero worship questions, maybe we will start to right the ship, but anyone want to place odds on that?  Here’s wishing this new administration success with the pandemic, immigration reform, job growth, and holding others (the WHO, the UN, etc)  we give our hard earned tax monies to accountable.  Buckle up, 2021 may get a little bumpy.