Mirror Staff

The Litchfield Trail Crew is an independent group of volunteers who are dedicated to working with town, state, and private land managers to maintain and improve existing trails, as well as create new trails within Litchfield.  This group is comprised of volunteers with diverse interests, including walkers, runners, hikers, bicyclists, photographers, bird watchers, snowshoers and other outdoor enthusiasts who work together to improve passive, outdoor recreational opportunities for Litchfield citizens of all ages.

The trail crew is a new group of volunteers that will work together to maintain and improve trails in litchfield. They are not under any town board and will work with town, conservation, state, and private land owners to improve trails in town. The main thing they are doing now is they are going to work to submit a permit to the state to see if the state will consider reopening the Calvin loop trail in the state forest, which was closed by the state last last year.