Mirror Staff

Interested in becoming a New Hampshire State Trooper? #NHSP is currently accepting applications for the upcoming February 19, 2021 test date. 🚔

Additionally, the Division is now accepting candidates with forearm tattoos. Tattoos that we deem NOT to be “extremist” (racist, sexist, or otherwise indecent) are allowed on forearms up to but not past the wrist, provided that the candidate will submit to wearing a black compression sleeve on the affected arm(s) to cover the tattoo(s) whenever on duty in any short-sleeved uniform, or to wear long sleeves in any plain clothes assignment.

For additional information on the tattoo policy or to apply, please visit our website: https://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/nhsp/jib/recruitment/recruitment.html?fbclid=IwAR3DwxlRMxzUui9g52EQiqynHEayx06m_J29cPNFCMsI-tVYekicaLeNYI4