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By Jim Cardello

Mostly for the last year but probably since 2016 I’ve been more in tune with the country’s political landscape than ever before. 

Around then (2016) I heard lots of opinions and strong sentiment against Donald Trump. Since then he surely gave all his detractors plenty of fuel to add to their fire. I watched. I listened.

Somewhere and somehow I started listening and reading more and more to gather information and to become more knowledgeable about our government system.

I’ve concluded, it’s a messed up system.  Trump exposed a lot of it.  Adding in how impactful social media is now even compared to 2016 makes it even worse.

From my bipartisan and middle of the road Republican leaning perspective I see 2 major parties vying for the money and backing of the rich majority to carry out agendas to make them more profitable, while being secretive and dishonest to the general public, doing backroom deals to return favors, probably blackmail, and just plain line their own pockets.

There are lots of things – gun control, abortion to name a couple that appear to be inflammatory and over riding that paints a broad stroke over anyone who votes one way or another.  That’s not fair.   

Most of the people I know are in the middle.  The loudest are on one extreme side or the other.  I don’t remember what I learned about government in school or while growing up but I don’t think it was meant to be 2 distinctly different parties fighting each other to the detriment of the majority. 

Yesterday, apparently peacefully we welcomed a new President.  I personally don’t think 1 figure head, whether it’s Biden or Trump can have a significant impact on how I tread forward and how most of the people I know tread forward but I pray that the next 4 years can somehow unite the great people of our country to support the things that make sense for the growth of humanity. 

End Racism

Support Equal Rights for humans

Allow people to earn money without taxing people more just because they earn more

Don’t take away freedoms for people that legally have earned those freedoms but do take them away if some of those freedoms are abused

Allow police to patrol and give them resources to de-escalate when necessary and to find and remove those with agendas beyond “serve and protect”

I could go on, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of comments that will add to this, and I’m also sure plenty that will roast me for posting this but I’m just glad we aren’t in a civil war right now and today to me seems no different than yesterday. 

Changes are coming I’m sure but I hope more people gravitate toward the middle and help affect change where it’s needed rather than adding to the problems.