January 2021

Dear Griffin Memorial School,

2020 has been a year of memorable circumstances in every venue of our lives. If someone said that schools would cease to exist as we know them virtually overnight, no one would have believed them in 2019. Yet, here we are with remote learning, hybrid schools, virtual classes,
and telephonic services. Our current reality just could not have been predicted, and certainly
could not have been successful without the incredible support of our community members.
The New Hampshire Partners in Education Board reflects on each year with amazement at the
monumental hours of volunteering and partnering with all of our local schools. Now more than ever, we know that we could not begin to do all that is required and at times, demanded of us as an educational community without you. The current circumstances that were thrust upon us prove no different. Although we must remain socially distanced, guard the doors to our schools
like never before from our known friends and neighbors, our schools have continued to be
blessed and have the benefit of your selfless donation of time, energy, dollars, experience, and

The New Hampshire Partners in Education celebration this year may not look like it has for past decades, but it is very important to us that we recognize the Blue Ribbon and Gold Circle
recipients this year in particular. It is evident that the spirit of community and togetherness have
not been lost on all of you even during a pandemic. Your efforts to continue to lift the needs of our schools above your own, and to focus your energy on supporting children for learning on any platform are unsurpassed. We honor and celebrate you. Please know that we, too, look forward to the day when we can properly recognize all of our school volunteers and business partners in person. Until then, be vigilant and committed to health and wellness and enjoy the attached award certificate(s).


The New Hampshire Partners in Education Board

NH Partners in Education
PO Box 2758
Concord, NH 03301