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Opinion by John Caynon

Things that make you say hmmm….

There is a video on Youtube where a group of young black men are sitting in a classroom setting and the teacher says “Today, we are going to learn about Black History.  Lincoln freed the slaves and Martin Luther King had a dream.  Now onto Anne Frank”.  The students look at each other and say, that’s it?  He says, “Oh and Rosa Parks said No.”  and that was it.   During Black History month, it is disheartening to know that the history of the contributions of African Americans were given short shrift in our educational system.  America is a vibrant country that has had many inventors, heroes, and people who have made life better, more productive, and safe, but we take for granted that our children will learn about this in school.  Take the time to learn how People of Color have impacted this great nation, like Frederick Mckinley Jones who created portable air conditioning units for trucks carrying perishable food in the 1930’s, and portable cooling units for our troops in WWII to preserve blood and medicine on open battlefields.  Or Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the modern traffic light, or maybe Onesimus who introduced inoculation from smallpox into the colonies.  There are some great stories that you can find, especially during this Black History Month.  If you didn’t know about any of these people I mentioned, then now you know! Happy exploring!