American Robins were once considered the harbingers of spring but they’ve been increasing on NH Audubon’s Backyard Winter Bird Survey since 1996. Becky Suomala found this flock of about 100 feeding on sumac. Robins will switch their diet to fruit in winter. Help NH Audubon track population trends of wintering robins and bluebirds, as well as New Hampshire’s year-round resident birds and visitors from the north on the annual February Survey. Data from the survey provides more than 30 years of data on the ups and downs of New Hampshire’s wintering birds which is invaluable to NH Audubon biologists. Anyone can participate in the Survey by counting the birds in their own backyard on the Survey weekend and reporting online or sending the results on a special reporting form to NH Audubon. To receive a copy of the reporting form and complete instructions, e-mail your name and address to or call 603-224-9909. Forms are also available online or you can report your results online. Find more information about the survey and past results on the web site:

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