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Opinion by John Caynon

Dallas Maverick’s Basketball Team owner, Mark Cuban recently announced that the Mavericks wouldn’t play the National Anthem at game time at home.  The next day, the NBA came out with a statement that ALL teams would play the National Anthem before game time, putting Mr. Cuban back in line.  In 1918, the National Anthem was played at the World Series, for patriotic purposes, then again during WW II for the same reasons.  But is forcing the playing of the National Anthem upon someone really patriotic?  I come from a family that has had many military members and have no problem listening to or standing for the National Anthem, because that was how I was raised, and I want to. But forcing it upon others has never really sat well with me.  Also, how come we don’t play the National Anthem before all events, not just sporting events?  The last concert I went to didn’t open to the National Anthem.  Why not?  It was a place where a large group of Americans gathered.  Shouldn’t we want them to be patriotic too?  Maybe because people don’t go to a concert to hear the National Anthem, just like many who go to a sporting event couldn’t care less either?   Remember when it was discovered that the military was paying the NFL to support the troops?  Doesn’t that take a little out of the sense of pride that you had while you were watching the event with that little nugget of information?  It did for me, because I was a Patriot’s season ticket holder at the time.  The outrage police who get angry at any attempt to curb forced patriotism, should get busy trying to force the Anthem on other public outings, to be “fair”.