Doug Nicoll / Health Officer

This is the Friday February 19, 2021 Litchfield Covid update. 

The numbers in Litchfield continue to fall as they are doing throughout the state.

During the past week the COVID numbers in Litchfield dramatically decreased from previous weeks for daily active numbers.  The 10-day period active cases overall dropped from 29 to 15 active cases. During the last week there were only 3 new cases with five days (Feb 14th- 18th) reporting no new cases. Last week there were 15 cases. These are the lowest numbers for the town since early November.

The total count currently being monitored in the E911 system dropped from 66 down to 55 cases. **This number reflects both other family members of a known positive covid tested person who may have been infected as well as those who are infected and stay home without seeing a doctor or being tested. This is a best guess estimate which keeps previous people with multiple family members on the E911 list for a slightly longer period of time to provide a small buffer to add protection to police and fire first responders**. 

Be safe, stay well and keep healthy!