Kim Mattucci

There are many people, of all ages, struggling with mental health. The everyday stresses of
work, family, social circles, now toss in a pandemic that requires many to social distance, stay
isolated and not even see a smile if they are out and about, heightens the depression and anxiety
many are already struggling with. I work in early childhood and I see it in children as young as
three. If you are feeling a bit lost, sad, worried, nervous, there is help. Timothy Wright is a
certified licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) with 10 years’ experience and a
master’s degree in social work.

Collaborative Counseling Solutions PLLC is located at 360 Rt 101, STE 13B, in Bedford, NH.
They are accepting new patients and work with all age groups but specialize in children and
adolescents, working on to help anyone who might be struggling with depression, anxiety,
behavioral issues, anger management and trauma. These feelings might even be elevated with
the added stress of COVID-19. You can visit their website, or call at
(603) 488-1773.

I urge anyone, who is feeling the effects of today’s world, hanging heavy, more than usual, to
please reach out to someone who might be able to help you find a better mental balance.

If you are a Litchfield resident with a business or own a business here in Litchfield, I would love to spotlight your
business in our town’s online paper.

Please note I do not endorse any businesses, rather just letting our community know of businesses owned and
operated by Litchfield residents. Always do your due diligence and research businesses you would like to work with.