Kim Mattucci

With so many people home, during this pandemic, they are probably more than likely taking a
closer look at the interior and/or exterior of their humble estates and thinking now is the time to
do some home improvements. Painting is usually one of the first things that comes to mind.
Let’s face it, a home is always well loved and if it’s a house full of rough and tumble boys, like
mine once was…ok still is…. then the walls are probably pretty banged up and could use a bit of
repair and a fresh coat of paint.

Bob Leary is the owner/ operator of Leary painting. He is also a selectman for the town. With
35 years of experience, Bob can do it all. Interior, exterior, power washing, sanding, staining,
patching, residential or commercial, no job is too small! Located right on Charles Bancroft
Highway, you can reach out at 603-883-9928. So, let’s get painting!

If you are a Litchfield resident with a business or own a business here in Litchfield, I would love to spotlight your
business in our town’s online paper.

Please note I do not endorse any businesses, rather just letting our community know of businesses owned and
operated by Litchfield residents. Always do your due diligence and research businesses you would like to work with.