NH State Police would like to warn the citizens about the “Grandchild in jail” scam that has started up again. We received some of these calls in January here in Hudson. Recently two departments in Massachusetts had their phone numbers used to complete mass callings where a person will “play” the grandchild and say they have been arrested for a serious car crash where they injured or killed someone and they need bail. These “actors” are very convincing and can sound like loved ones. A second person will then get on the phone claiming to be an attorney or bail official and give instructions for wiring cash to a place near the police department the grandchild is in. The scammers have gone as far as sending a courier to pick up cash from the victim. Please do not agree to send money if you receive these calls. This is not how bail works. Look up the police department the call came from and call them or call your local police department immediately if you do receive a call.